Alumni Weekend: Part 1

Over columbus day weekend we traveled up to Boston for alumni weekend.  We had such a wonderful time, but I have been dreading this post.  How do I sum up an incredible weekend?  Well, here is what we did, in order of when we did it!

1. Wednesday night drove to New Jersey to visit Jeff and Shannon and see their new place!

2. Thursday morning we set out to finish our drive to Boston and visit Mark's old office.  We waited to spring the baby news in person and it was a blast!  We got a ton of well wishes and enjoyed catching up with everyone.

3. Take a stroll around Gordon before the chaos of the weekend begins.  Bump into Donna Loy, Dorothy Boorse, Ashley McWilliams, and a whole host of other folks we were excited to see!

4. Head to our old abode (because we had the best landlords ever!) where we stayed for the weekend.  Hung out with the family, ordered chinese take out, and basically felt right at home!

5. Friday morning Mark played in the alumni golf tournament with his lacrosse buddies while I went to lunch with my dear friend Lindsay.

6. Russel Orchards and...

7. ride to Crane's Beach and Castle Hill!

8. (we snuck in a maternity photo shoot, but that is for another next post!)

9. Back to Gordon for lacrosse practice and quality time with the alumni

10. Late night dinner at Nick's Roast Beef, a North Shore staple!

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