Reasons Summer Can't End

I am so NOT ready for summer to end.  It is not allowed.  I want it to last forever!  Summer is a splendid time of laid back lazy days, good food, great times, and memory building.  This year, I just can't get over the closing of my favorite season {secret: all of my season are my favorite at the end...I never want them to be over!}  Well, here are the reasons I am not quite ready to let go...

1. White Jeans

My favorite white jeans STILL FIT even though I am 24 weeks pregnant!  Why would anyone want to give that up!?

2. Not Enough Beach

Does anyone really ever get enough beach time?  I could go and sit and read each and every day all summer long. Seriously.  I love the beach.

3. Back to School

Whenever September rolls around I get the back to school itch. Not the can't wait to go itch, but the I don't want to do any work, read any books, clean up the house itch. I feel summer slipping away and get lazier than ever. I am going to be a "great" mom...

4. Blueberries

Mmm...they are so good.  I wish they grew all year.  I would make blueberry muffins, blue berry lemonade, blueberry pie, blueberry tarts and probably even some jam or sorbet.  I love smoothie season, especially this year since Mark made some nearly every morning.  Mmmm....blueberries come back to me!

5. ???

Does one really need more reasons to long for summer to last forever?  I am satisfied with four reasons, but somehow five seems to round out the post.  Besides, I know there are more reasons in my heart...I just can't think of them right now.

Dirty Little Secrets:  

{The things about summer I am glad to be saying goodbye to, at least for now.}

crazy tourists that all ask me questions, like will you take our picture...  |  90+ degrees every hot stinking day  |  crowded city streets  |  nasty summer city smells  |  neighbors loud outdoor parties that last too long  |  summer interns that lack respect for the city  |  and more, I am sure...


  1. i'm quite sure you can wear your white all year long- i dont listen to that silly rule!

  2. I need tips! I always pair brights with my white jeans...what should I wear with them to bring them into fall!?!

  3. I totally relate to #3! I was just thinking yesterday as I was sitting on the couch in my pajamas at noon what a great mom I'm going to be. Can we blame that on the pregnancy hormones? :-)



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