I am loving...

...all things Capiz!

It happens to me every year.  In an effort to hang on to every last drop of summer, I crave beach inspired decor.  This year, in my hunt for a baby mobile that didn't have fluffy animals, I turned towards capiz.  In theory in is "all-year" decor, but for me I think it is a last ditch effort to carry the beach into deep Autumn.

Here are a few lookers that have caught my eye recently:

This number from target is a bit boring...and it breaks the bank at $400+!  Yikes!


Perhaps a bit too formal for a baby room, but these West Elm lamps might end up in my formal dining room some day...if I ever have a formal dining room...

Finally, this could work in our Nursery.  And for merely $49 from Urban Outfitters, I like it even more.  Now if only the colors were a bit brighter...

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  1. I discovered Capiz in the Philippines and fell in love! If it wasn't so fragile, I would've brought back tons. I like that last one, too. So pretty!



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