23 Weeks: An Impromptu Photo Shoot

Sunday marked 23 weeks for us and baby.  We were blessed with the joy of kicks all day long!  Mark even got to feel a solid kick for the first time.  We met good friends for brunch at Founding Farmers.  I liked my outfit and my hair so we took pictures before we left...

...now if only I could learn to like my smile.

p.s. I am welcoming "pose" suggestions.  Please help me look less awk-mac (definition: a mac truck of awkwardness)

p.p.s. In case you were wondering, I ate the Waffles Banana Foster and drank Hot Chocolate for breakfast...I think my mouth is still watering days later!


  1. Now my mouth is watering, too! The pictures and poses look great. I might copy you, I just stand there ramrod straight! You're a beautiful mommy!

  2. The middle picture is my favorite. :) You're so cute!

  3. adorable!!! you're so stinkin cute!!! love the dress!!!

  4. Super cute! And I LOVE your dress! I'm also liking the new layout (not sure if you've had it for a while, but I've been MIA lately!).

  5. oh my god, i love that dress. is it maternity? i think i have to have it!



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