Weekend with the Twins

At the end of June I took a weekend trip to Pennsylvania specifically to spend time with cousins - on both sides of the family! Here are my 3 year old twin cousins Emma and Liam in all of their glory:

They were very excited to announce that it was an "American" flag!

...washing the flags to keep them pretty...

Emma Grace is my buddy.
We hang out.

She is more beautiful than she even knows!

Finally offering a smile for the camera.
Liam spend most of pool time "too cool" for pictures!

Yup. Filling up his bucket to soak Shannon!

Logic of Liam:
If the grass grows when we water it...
...and the flowers need to be watered...
...and Shannon is short...
(Yes, a 3 year old told me I was short!)
...then maybe Shannon needs to be watered too!!!

nothing interrupts dinner

I kept messing up his hair so Liam's curls would go wild!

"big kig" glasses = shot glasses
Don't worry. They are filled with WATER!

So now you see why I would drive 4 hours to spend time with cousins. They are awesome. Their big sister Meghan and big brother Ryan are pretty cool too, but they were camera shy. The weekend was filled with yard work, pool time, world cup watching, and good ol' eatting! A wonderful weekend if I do say so myself.

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