Spring Cleaning: Lingering Items

I never actually finished my spring cleaning. There are a few items that are lingering that I just cannot figure out what to do with. See, the problem is I am a bit emotionally attached to the remaining items. I need stern direction. Please help!

1. Leftover Wedding Invitations: I have enough to hold another small wedding! Say 35 or so. What do I do with them? Keep them as mementos? Keep a few and trash the rest? What do I do with the few I keep? I already have one complete set of every paper item from our wedding in a box of wedding memories...

2. Old CookingLight Magazines: I love cooking light. Their magazines are great, but I typically grab my recipes online, from my delicious account, or make them up in my head. What should I do with these magazines? Does anybody want them?

3. Pens: If you knew me in college you would understand my obsession with Sharpie markers. Well...lets just say that the obsession has grown and I could outfit a small office with enough supplies for several years. But I don't want to give them up! They are all organizes and stowed away...but taking up space nonetheless. It is a catch 22 for me.

4. Glass Vases: At a quick count I have 18 of all shapes and sizes (plus 4 pitchers and 3 ice buckets which also occasionally hold flowers as well as 8 glass carboys just for decoration). The problem: I don't get flowers all that often, and Mark usually gets me flowers that come in their own vase!

So there you have it. I am stuck. Any creative suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. i would never be this brutal with myself, but it's much easier to tell someone else what to do. if you already have saved a wedding invitation (and don't want, or already have 1 framed) i'd say you have to get rid of them sad as it is. same with the magazines. (i rip out inspirational pages and put them in a binder). if you're actually using the sharpie markers little by little, i think you can keep them. do you have doubles or triples of the same color? they do dry out and they are relatively small. and for the vases, i think you should pare it down a bit. i've seen some creative uses like keeping wine corks or souvenir match boxes from vacations in large glass vases, but you still don't need 18. :) good luck



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