2010 Reading List: April and May

Many people have raved about this book, telling friends that you won’t be able to put it down. It is true. I loved it. Confession: I took a cab home on a beautiful day so I could get there faster to read the ending!

Closing the cover for the final time, I desperately wanted to read Kathryn Stockett’s next book. What an incredible novel to start a literary career! This book and Stockett’s obvious passion while writing it will bring you through all of your deepest emotions: elation, anger, frustration, relief, satisfaction, pride and joy. Skeeter and Aibileen become dear friends to the reader. The children in this story steal your heart. And some folk, who will remain nameless, make you want to scream and stomp and smack across the face! Be prepared to cry. This one is a joyfilled tear-jerker. If you haven't yet, go get it now! If you have read it, what did you think?

And some other books I read and would recommend. The Guardian was unlike many of Nicholas Spark's other novels. He calls it a murder mystery, but loyal fans, have no fear, there is still a deep love story. Sophie Kinsella is the author I turn to when I need a mind freeing read. Her books are quick reads and make me laugh. Twenties Girl fit the bill! A Praying Life is fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone! I am actually still in the midst of reading this one since it helps to slow down and apply the nuggets of wisdom to your life and prayer as you go along... The 4-Hour Work Week makes me cringe. I waste too much time. But the book has inspired efficiency and provided a longing for a lifestyle that I hope to cultivate. Finally, Food Rules, another great from Michael Pollan. He hits you over the head with those obvious statments that should guide are eatting habits, but are too easily forgotten.

And, I cannot wait to share with you the exciting books I am reading this month!

Also, I am taking suggestions for books to bring on my beach vacation at the end of July. Any ideas?


  1. have you read "the red tent"? if not, i highly recommend it! cant remember the author off the top of my head but she's a good one!

  2. red tent is good... i'm reading the girl with the dragon tattoo!!! sooo good!!! also, LOVED HELP! hmmm... guernsey literary and potato peel society was good...



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