Villa Maria Advances to the Sweet Sixteen

You might remember from past years, around this time I begin to post about my sister Brooke. I refrain all season long and then post-season hits and the excitement escalates to a point in which I can no longer hold back how proud I am! Well, Brooke's basketball team is once again in the State Tournament.

Tonight, Villa Maria Academy competes against Trinity in the second round of the PIAA State Basketball Championships. I wish I were in PA to watch the game tonight, but all I can do is cheer for my "little" sister from back home in DC. Inevitably, in the hoopla of excitement nobody will remember to call and update me on the outcome of the game. {I am obviously hoping for the best with this statement!} I will eagerly sit by my phone waiting for the excited play-by-play to be told by Brooke herself once everyone has settled back at home - that is, unless she has too much homework!

I drove to PA the past two weekends to watch Brooke play. About seven weeks ago, Brooke fractured her ankle and sprained it in three places, causing her to miss the bulk of her season. She was in a cast, then a boot, and now finally in ankle braces and tape to prevent movement, yet still allow her to play. She is fighting for her team and the chance to advance beyond the Sweet Sixteen tonight, and I am proud of her! As a Junior, this is her third State Tourney. To win tonight, Villa needs to score big and fight hard. Both of which I am certain Brooke will do. As you can see from the pictures above, she has ups and a serious game face!

Go Villa!
P.S. A big sister is allowed to think her little sister is amazing right?

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  1. Wow, your sister sounds like a fighter!! Good luck to her and her team!!



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