A Sturdy Umbrella

Living in DC, I typically commute by foot. Walking in the rain doesn't ever seem to slow me down. But commuting in the wind and rain each Spring does a number on my umbrellas. Each year, I inevitably go through a few umbrellas. No matter how happy I start the wet weather season, my umbrellas end up, well, a bit like this:

So I am on the hunt for a good umbrella. I really have my heart set on a big one with a curved handle. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and for the days I still really want to bike (even in the rain) I am thinking of trying something new.

Would you still be my friend if I rode to work like this?


  1. In Uganda they just tie plastic bags on their heads. They're recycling and keeping out the rain. Maybe you should try that before that lovely contraption you've posted;)

  2. Can you tell me the name of the clear, shoulder-mounted umbrella? I saw a video on-line last weekend, forgot to save it, and I can't find it under any search parameters on any search engine. I want one - please help.



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