It's Raining...

...but I am prepared. Here is my wet weather gear:

I love my North Face rain jacket in a bright, happy green. I bought it in January of either 2004 or 2005...right before a trip to Guatemala. My friend Amanda told me that if I was going to buy something that expensive it better be worth it! Well, at least ten years later. Whoops! My math was a bit off there! About five years later, I still live in this jacket year round. Whenever it is the slightest bit damp, it is my trusty friend.

My most recent wet weather purchase:
Bean Boots!

I have been thinking, hunting, debating the purchase of L.L. Bean boots. I finally buckled down and decided to protect my feet. I wore them 4 straight days this week and my toes couldn't be happier! They have been warm and dry.

I am set! These two things help keep me ready for outdoor adventure in the rain...on weekends. Keeping dry during the work week is "a whole 'nother" story!

1 comment:

  1. I love that coat too! I'm glad you got it. I have a blue one that I wear constantly during the raining season. Gotta love The North Face:)



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