Valentine's Day

The Movie:

Oh man, it was good. Mark and I went to see this movie. We PAID to see this movie. This is big people. We are cheap! We don't pay to see things. (True Story: Since we have been married 3.5 years we have not paid for a single movie or sporting event - we only go if it is free, we are given tickets, or someone we go with pays for us!) It was Mark's special Valentine's Day thing for me. It was good. Did I already say that? I really liked it.

Cheesey? - Yes
Chick Flick? - Yes
Predictable? - eh...depends on how well you predict
Funny? - Hillarious!
Do I want to see it again? - Absolutely!

But while watching the movie, I couldn't get over a picture in the background of Aston Kutcher's apartment (you see it as he goes down the stairs in the morning). You could only partially see it, but it was a poster, of a dog, that said fetch...of course, the first thing I did when I got home was look for it...

And I found it!

Now, should I buy it?


  1. I saw Valentine's Day this weekend too, and I definitely noticed that print. Very cool!

    I am glad you survived the snowapalooza!

  2. Hmmm...still debating on whether or not I should add "Fetch" to my home...

  3. do it! it looks so etsy-esque.

    steve and i werent sure about this one... thought too many celebrities in one movie meant no plot. so we saw edge of darkness instead (yeah we went the entire opposite direction) but now im going to have to see it.

  4. i love the print, but i thought you hated dogs???

  5. I don't hate dogs, I just am not a dog lover. I am a dog liker, when they fit certain standards I have...

    But Mark is a dog lover and this print is cute!



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