Top 10 New Blogs: Guaranteed Goodness!

These "new" blogs, may not be new to the blogging world, but they are certainly new to my eyes. I have fallen in love with these blogs which inspired me to stay creative during the snow storm that enveloped my city.

Carina's Craft Blog: This lovely little blog about stitching and sewing, and all things needle and thread was introduced to me by Kelsey of October and After. In October, Kelsey married one of my best friends and I am so happy because we have become fast friends. In fact, I am pretty sure I love Kelsey even more than Mike!

bella creative: Kate at bella creative blogs about the creative things in her life as she is making her home. I have literally just started reading, and cannot wait for more! My friend Bridget inadvertently introduced me to bella creative through her recent giveaway.

Just a Girl in the City: Kelly is awesome! And she always includes fantastic photos in her blog posts. Have I mentioned that I am visual? In general, she blogs about life, but it is great! Go read her blog. Now. (also introduced by Bridget!)

Making it Lovely: Nicole is uber talented and blogs about the ways she makes every day life a little bit more lovely. I stumbled upon this blog while reading a few of my favorite things!

a few of my favorite things: Is it okay to have blog envy? Because I seriously love this blog. Molly and Danyelle literally take the words out of my mouth. So many times I have seen their favorite things and exclaimed, "Mine too!" Love it!

little lovely: Oh, I really want to be a mom...but the Lord (and my husband) are teaching me to be content. This blog is not helping. It is all about adorable things for little people. It is just too cute not to read!

modish: Words can describe this urban, vintage, crafty, entirely unique blog that my friend Katie at work told me about! While I will never be this hip, I certainly enjoy pretending!

Creature Comforts: I have been reading this blog for a bit, but cannot say enough about it. Just go read it, you will surely agree!

Tales of me...: My friend Bridget (yea, I think I have mentioned her before) is blogging like crazy and sharing her fantastic love story. You don't want to miss this!

lagom: Sara has a heart for Sweden where her roots run deep and is blogging about life as a newly wed who loved adventure and travel! Oh yeah, and her photography is out of this world!

So those are the blogs I have been reading recently...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. hey girl! thanks for the shout out :) cant wait to check these blogs out!

  2. mmm some of those have been my loves for awhile, but there are some new ones! yahoooooo!

    also check this one out --- another goodie.



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