Mid-Atlantic Meltdown

...er, maybe more appropriately called a freeze? Ice and snow have been blanketing us since last week. I have not been to work since LAST Thursday. Today was the first time I stepped outdoors since MONDAY! I am getting cabin fever here people! Well, my work announced that it is opening on a two hour delay tomorrow - it is bad that I want to go in early?
What have I done with all of this time in my house?

  • Recovered my iTunes (computer crashed months ago...and I haven't updated my iPods since then)
  • Rejuvenate my calligraphy blog: Calligraphy by Shannon. It is still a work in progress, and I didn't actually add new content, I just updated the look and feel since I finally had time to mess with the html. It might still be ugly for PC users...sorry :-/
  • Packed for our ski trip next weekend...well, at least I started to.
  • Read a lot of books...more on that coming soon!
  • Threw a taco party! I asked all of the interns on our floor to bring ingredients and it was a blast! (for those of you who don't know, we are RA's in an intern housing building...really)
  • Watched chick flicks that I had yet to see: Made of Honor, A Good Year, and You, Me, and Dupree
  • Prepped my cards (birthday, anniversary, and everything else) through the end of March.
  • Went to the gym every day, and still felt cooped up. It is in our building...and the view is the same as our apartment, so it didn't exactly add a change of scenery.
Are you bored yet? Yeah, my "week" off wasn't really that exciting, but I got some much needed items off of my long-term to do list.


  1. I hear ya...the snow has been miserable! Luckily, I have a work laptop, so felt like I was doing something productive all week long! But, I feel like my sweatpants are permanently affixed to my body!! Glad to hear you're heading back to work in the morning...I have a 2 hour delay, as well!

  2. i'm a little jealous... i know i know... you probably think i shouldn't be jealous, but i wouldn't mind a snowstorm in new england; as long as my fridge is stocked! thoroughly disappointed by the weatherman yesterday! totally wanted snow! do appreciate your blog updates tho. xo

  3. I'm with you, Shannon! Cabin Fever for sure. Today I was so excited to dig my car out and take the little squeaker out for a shopping trip. She did great, by the way, stayed asleep in and out of 3 stores. I was just happy to be out! Can't wait to see you and catch up on Monday.

  4. was it just steve and i or was a good year terrible? unless you count the landscape. which of course doesnt count for much if theres no plot.

  5. Bridget: I agree! A Good Year left a lot to be desired...and I felt like there was a bus-plot (about the CP wine) that never really came to the surface, but could have made the movie better.



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