2010 Olympics: Opening Ceremony

Tonight is the night! The opening ceremony for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! The parade of athletes and what is sure to be an incredible spectacle of Canadian history and pride. I am looking forward to seeing the athletes, watching the performance and hearing all of Canada's most talented musicians.

I have since I was a little girl. For certain reasons I have always been hooked. But here is why I continue to watch them with the excitement of a child:

awe inspiring commitment and passion
stories of trial and triumph that tug at heartstrings (and often cause tears)
incredible athleticism
the ability to cross borders and boundaries that are far more difficult within the realm of politics and economics
patriotism and national pride for Team USA

What motivates you to watch the Olympics? Do you have a favorite athlete/competitor? A country you are actively rooting for? What is your favorite sport?

(As you can tell by my excitement, I will certainly be blogging about all of this!)

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