Must Reads for Married Folks

(It is wedding season, but also the season for rain,
which is explains the picture above. It is raining today in DC!)

It is the season. You post box fills with save the dates and wedding invitations, everyone seems to be getting married. The whirlwind of excitement that surrounds each wedding day is nothing compared to the joys of the life time of marriage to follow. There are millions of resources for the bride planning her wedding day, but not nearly as many
Over the past three years (of marriage) I have come across a plethera of resources, some better than others. Here is what I consistently recommend:

The Mystery of Marriage: A wonderful book that someone recommended to me during my engagement. I have since read it again, and it just keeps getting better!
The Intimate Mystery: Recently recommended, my husband and I are reading this together. It is wonderful!
Dave Ramsey: A terrific approach to manageing your money. It will change your view of finances all together!

There are also a whole range of blogs out there. Here are my favs:

The Pioneer Woman: Food, Family and Photography. This blog has it all.
Simple Marriage: Great blog on all things marraige. I found this blog through Simple Mom (below) and love it! They recently posted a list of the 20 blogs they think all married people should read. Many of my favorites made their list!
Simple Mom: Focuses on marriage, motherhood, and a whole lot more. This blog digs deep into life issues. The blog has frequent guest bloggers (+ lots of giveaways!).
Mom Grind: Great posts, even better pictures. I always leave this blog inspired!
On Simplicity: This blog always seems to address soemthing I have been thinking about - an easier way to live! A great blog to inspire self imporvement.
(Side Note: I am not a mom, and not expecting to be a mom yet, even though these blogs seems to indicate otherwise. The fact of the matter is many marriage/life blogs evolve into mom/family blogs as the authors have children. But this doesn't make the blogs any less fun to read!)

Happy reading! Hopefully if you are in the patch of rain that seems to be covering the East Coast this week, you are able to stay cozy and dry!

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  1. Thank you for including MomGrind! I'm familiar with most of the others, but am off to check the one that I haven't read yet. Thanks. :)



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