Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day is a made up holiday to sell more flowers and candy..."

...but I absolutely love it! Growing up my parents would always have a fun dinner planned and surprise us with gifts - usually small things we would use every day. Here is a quick flashback to some of the gifts I received from my mom and dad over the years.

It is funny to think back about the gifts that were "AWESOME" when I was a kid. Now, I don't work up as much excitement in anticipation for Valentine's Day, but always welcome flowers, a fancy dinner, special time with my husband, and of course gifts!

One of the best posts I have read about Valentine's Day is by Design*Sponge: Valentine's Day Flowers Decoded. You should check it out, it literally had me laughing out loud. The only comment I would add to this article is the subtle symbol of tulips, which in my mind are always lovely and always appropriate!

What are your Valentine's Day traditions? Do you have a favorite flower? What is the best Valentine's Day gift you have ever received? How are you planning on spending this weekend?

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