2009 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Let me begin this post by telling you that I don't run. I am not a runner. I have signed up to run the 10 miler. Does this make any sense to anyone? Because I am a bit confused about what on earth I was thinking when I promised a friend I would do this with her! She runs marathons. I don't run anything.

So I decided to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, that way I won't disappoint anyone when I don't do well. And of course, this is ridiculous. My husband called me out. He suggested that I wasn't telling anyone so that I could make it easier on myself to quit. He was right.

So now I am telling the world! Well, at least the world that consists of everyone who reads my blog. And now, that I am telling you, I am asking you to keep me accountable and motivated! I could use all the encouragement I can get!

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