Though I am not Catholic, I am Presbyterian and live committed to many of the same beliefs as the Catholic church. The church has risen and taken a stand encouraging parishioners around the country to vote. And I encourage you to do the same.

As the deadlines to register to vote draw near and in many states come to a close, I want to remind you all of the importance of voting. Regardless of weather your state is red, blue or in between, it is your privilege and responsibility to cast your vote.

If you are not registered to vote go here to find out information about your state and register to vote online here before it is too late!

The election is less than a month away!

On a side note: I was a bit excited when I saw that McNabb was in this video!
(I have to be honest!)


  1. Wow. Gave me chills. We could just take the pope out of this and use it in every church.

  2. I just read your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for leaving it. I enjoy your blog very much and it was certainly not one of the ones I was referring to. I have friends who are liberal and friends who are conservative and I enjoy all of them. I have just been finding that a couple of bloggers seem to be going too far and it was getting really juvenile and bothering me.

    And I totally agree that it is important to vote no matter who you are casting your vote for. Be heard!

    ps. I think I posted about it early on, but I worked in D.C. for a year and loved it! I wasn't there in an election year, the energy must be crazy right now.



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