Philly Sports Top 10

It is no secret that I am a Philadelphia sports fan. Philadelphia had an incredible weekend for sports. There is so much I want to write about, but I will spare you and limit my excitement to a Top 10:

1. Three Home Games in one weekend! What could be more beautiful?

2. Eagles’ wide receiver, Kevin Curtis is back on the field. This weekend he played in his first game of the season (Curtis was injured in the preseason).

3. Philadelphia Pitcher Jamie Moyer makes his first World Series appearance at age 45 and proved to baseball fans everywhere that he is still young at heart. Pitching 6+ incredible innings and making a diving play in an effort to get an out at 1st. Unfortunately the play wasn’t called in his favor, but who else knows a 45 year old that can dive on the ground like that? (PS the Umpire later admitted that he was wrong when he called the Ray’s Crawford safe)

4. Run McNabb, Run! Donovan proved he still knew how to move on the field!

5. Howard got his groove back. During the 4th game, Ryan Howard finally started hitting the ball to left field, and succeeded in getting two out of the park! This was a long time coming after a relative hitting draught for Howard this post season.

6. The odd infield single hit by Carlos Ruiz World Series game 3 that scored Philly the win!

7. Andy Reid celebrated his 100th win with the Philadelphia Eagles

8. Heeled Ribs for Wizard Westbrook! This weekend, he certainly played like he was healthy with a career-best 167 yards rushing, 22 carries, and 6 catches for 42 more yards leading the Eagles to their win over Atlanta.

9. Phillies pitcher Joe Blanton hit a Homerun: his first ever and in the World Series to boot. This was only Blanton’s 2nd hit of the season, and the first World Series Homerun from a pitcher since 1974, talk about unexpected! Oh yeah, and he also pitched a heck of a game.

10. Philadelphia has a chance to get its first major title in more than 25 years!

Yeah...I am excited!

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