Football 101: The Quarterback

This week’s games are all about the QB and the QB pressure. Here are a few terms and definitions that announcers frequently use when talking about this topic:

Audible – when the play is changed at the line of scrimmage (before the snap) by calling out (hence audible) a set of signals. You can usually tell this is going on because there is a lot of commotion around the football

Blitz – when someone from the defensive team pressures the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage to force a tackle or to hurry the pass

False Start – when someone of offense moves before the ball is snapped – this results in a 5 yard penalty

Pass Protection – the blocking scheme used by offensive players to keep the defense from getting to the quarterback on passing plays

Pitch - when the quarterback tosses the ball to a running back who is moving laterally (horizontally) away from him

Pocket – the area of protection around the quarterback created by his offensive line when he drops back to pass

Pump Fake - the quarterback fakes a throw in an effort to move the defense away from the ultimate receiver

Quarterback Sneak – when the quarterback receives the snap from center and immediately runs or jumps forward

Roughing the Passer - flagrantly running into or hitting the quarterback after the ball has been passed or thrown, often called when the quarterback is hit in the head – this results in a 15 yard penalty

Big Games - Week 8

Tampa Bay Bucs at Dallas Cowboys:
On paper the cowboys look like the better team, but the Cowboys have suffered big losses this season. Dallas needs to win this game if it wants to stay alive in the NFC East.

Washington Redskins at Detroit Lions:
Washington is certainly the stronger team, but they need to come out and play hard. Detroit has maintained a losing record, but their past few games have come down to the last possession.

San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints:
This game will be held across the pond at London's Wembley Stadium in an effort to expand the NFL following throughout the world. Either team could win this game, and no one has an advantage considering the game location. This game is likely to be high scoring and fun to watch.

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles:
The Atlanta rookie QB, Matt Ryan, has been having a great year so far, but this will be his first game against a defense as strong as Philadelphia. If the Eagles are healthy (Westbrook and Curtis back on the field) they should not only win, but dominate this game. The Eagles are coming off a bye week, and have won every game coming of a bye week in Head Coach Andy Reid's 9 years with the franchise.

New York Football Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers:
This is going to be a close game, and likely the most interesting game of the weekend. Both quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning were picked up in the first round of the 2004 Draft and both have Super Bowl titles under their belt (first time this has happened in NFL history). They both understand pressure and how to win big. The Steelers are suffering a few injuries and the Giants tend to play well on the road, so I am going to give this game to the Giants and Eli Manning.

Sunday Night:
There will be no Sunday Night football this week due to the World Series - Go Phillies!!!

Monday Night: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans:
Peyton Manning and the Colts used to be a powerhouse in the NFL; unfortunately they are having a rocky season this year. The Titans have a winning record and have surprised quite a few football fans. This game could really go either way depending on how the wind blows, but I am guessing the Titans will continue their string of wins – if they win, this will make them 7-0 for the first time in franchise history!

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