Shelf Life

I love shelves! They are great for putting things on and can totally define a space. Living in a tiny apartment, Mark and I have MORE shelves than we could imagine, but never enough space. I am constantly searching for new and innovative shelving/storage ideas. This often brings me to incredibly beautiful and inspiring shelving solutions. So here in what I am going to call"Shelf Life" I will share some of my shelving finds with you. Keep and eye out for "Shelf Life" and I may even throw in some pictures of my own!

Here is an idea that I am seriously considering for my own apartment. I face only 2 problems: I live in a rented apartment and I don't want to invest in anything permanent that I cannot bring with me. Do you think I could do this and make it semi-permanent?

Anyway, I just love it! I am already calculating in my head the different places I could do this in my own apartment (and what items I could store!). Enjoy this...and what I hope will be many inspirational editions of "Shelf Life."

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  1. you could definitely do that, would be quite the weekend project, but I think doable...the recessed lighting might be more of a hassle. If it was something you were planning on moving, then I might not attempt that part simply because of the risk of breakage. But I think you could make a three piece unit that would be safe and super cute around a door like that. I love it!



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