I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by a blogging friend from Pink Maple Design to share 7 random facts about myself.

So here you have it:

1. I am a sports fanatic! Think: Remember the Titans - Coach Yoast's Daughter It can be quite intense!

2. This is magnified by the fact that I am 100% Extrovert on the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

3. I love to cook. People love the food I cook. But I am by far the worst cook in my family. I swear they could all be considered culinary geniuses!

4. I am part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) also sometimes referred to as a Farm Share. I pay a set price for a set number of weeks of produce from a local farm and get a bag of what ever is in season and ready for the picking. It is exciting to see what I will get each week and has helped me branch out with my culinary skills. More to come on this one later!

5. I love to write. I am not a writter. I just love the art of writting. Hense my other blog: Calligraphy by Shannon.

6. I love a full house and therefore want a big family (7 kids?). My husband says that the obsessive compulsive nature in me and the fact that I am easily stressed do not bode well for a full house. But I still love it anyway. I love going home to commotion. I love hearing a house full of conversations and laughter. I love to entertain, mostly just to fill my house.

7. I love Starbucks so much! I collect their mugs. When I moved to DC I had to enlist the help fo friends because a week had gone by and I still had not found a Starbucks near my work. It was tragic.

I enjoy reading so many wonderful blogs. Here are the 7 that I have tagged and hope will participate:

Green Eggs and Hammes
Everything Glorious
Life. Liberty. and the Pursuit of Happiness.
The Happy Daily
Victoria with Roses
Always Organized
Calligraphy by Shannon*
*(yes I am tagging my other blog - but there is a whole host of things I can share about the calligraphy side of me)


  1. Hello! Thank you for tagging me! I will post my random things soon! Also, I don't know if you saw, but I tagged you for an award and short meme too! http://thehappydaily.blogspot.com/2008/09/many-thanks.html

    I love all of your recipes! Thank you for posting those! I am going to have to try the lettuce wraps soon!

  2. Fun! I will definitely do the tag :)

    I responded to your email, did you ever get it? AO

  3. Happy Daily: Thanks for the reminder. I will follow up shortly.

    Always Organized: I did receive your e-mail. I will be following up with you soon. I am working on more samples for my site now.

  4. Thanks! I had some previous problems with my gmail address not going through to someone else's email. Just wanted to make sure you got my response. No rush. Looking forward to hearing from you again. AO



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