If you didn't already know this, Mark and I collect things. From wine bottle corks, to sea glass and conch shells, we are collectors. Amelia Island is not known for its sea treasures, but we were satisfied collectors nonetheless. We walked the beach at low tide each day searching for whatever we might find. It didn't take us long to realize that the odds weren't good to find sea glass (we only found two pieces all week) or whole conch shells. We did however find things we never had searched for prior to this trip. We found star fish! But we let them all stay in the water since they were alive. We found lots of golden brown and orange shells, shells that were brightly colored like rich wood grains, colors we had never before thought of for shells. The beach was scattered with good finds for the hunters in us. Then one afternoon we stumbled upon two large sand dollars that were no longer living. They were hidden just below a sand bar. Mark's sharp eye spotted them as the waved moved the sand away. Then on our last day, we learned the southern end of the island, where we stay, is known for its shark teeth! We spent out last afternoon hunting and were only able to find one shark tooth, but now we are ready to begin a new collection and cannot wait to return to Amelia.

Aside from our collecting, the vacation included golf, tennis, bike riding, fishing, a spa visit, and plenty of relaxation. We didn't let the storm clouds ruin our week!

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