Garden Update

Our (somewhat pathetic) garden is really thriving! Just in time for us to go away and let it all die. Hopefully it will rain while we are on vacation (there seems to be a dry hot heat wave). Hopefully the plants don't completely die. Our tomatoes have been so delicious. It has been such a blessing to have homegrown tomatoes. What an added plus that we could have fresh and safe veggies in the middle of this salmonella outbreak. I cannot imagine summer cooking and grilling without tomatoes! Anyway, all of this blab is an intro to showing you pictures of our garden, so here they are:

Wild Flowers ready to bloom on the left, Cherry Husky Tomatoes, Beefeater Tomatoes, and then on the far right, Basil and Chives

1 comment:

  1. Yum, those look so good! Makes me want a grilled tomato, cheese and avacado sandwich. Nothing beats a homegrown tomato. You can buy clay stakes with corks on the ends that you can stick into milk jugs or soda bottles filled with water to water your plants while you are gone. Or just pray for some rain. :) have fun on your vacation!



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