Bike Riding

Mark got me a bike for my birthday last year (pictured above). My first thought: it is blue and beautiful. Then the cynicism set in and I speculated that he was gearing up for the mountain biking season and wanted to drag me along so he didn't feel guilty going out gallivanting all day. You see, John Backiel was having a busy year, so Mark needed a new biking buddy, so he bought me a bike. What a selfless gift!

In all seriousness, Mark foresaw the fun that we would having biking together. Surely you have read about some of my biking expeditions, namely when Sarah came to visit. Some of our biking highlights in Massachusetts included the Apple Street Loop, a quick ride after work, and riding to Cranes Beach, only 12 miles round trip. However, since we moved to DC, we have been in a riding slump. We made the mistake of storing our bikes on the Eastern Shore and missed opportunities where we may have gone for a ride.

The last few weekends we have gotten out more and I hope in continues. We went for a leisurely ride with Ben on the Eastern Shore and this past weekend we rode to and around Hains Point. We estimated that ride at about 13 miles. None of these rides are very long. We aren't training for any big race/triathlon. We just like to ride our bikes together. Now all we have to do is make the time.

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