Abigail Grace Ward

May 23, 2008

9 lbs. 1 oz.


Kisses for Abigail

Nathanael is such a good big brother!

All of us!

The boys

Emily and Abigail

Sleeping on her big sister!

On any road trip to Boston, we call Cory to see how the Ward family is doing and if we can swing by. With the excitement of the new baby, we couldn't wait to visit. What Cory forgot to tell us was that we were coming over on Mel's FIRST day home from the hospital! She is such a trooper. In these pictures, Abigail is only 8 days old.

It was a great time hanging out with the kids and passing baby Abigail around to everyone. That is, until the incident... Mark was pushing the 3 older kids on the swings while Mel, Cory, Abigail and I chatted inside. Then we heard the scream. Emily tried to jump off, got tangled, and broke both bones in her left wrist! Yikes! So it was back to the hospital for the Ward family. The good news: Abigail slept through the whole thing and Emily didn't want to play anymore T-ball this season anyway...


  1. Emily didn't want to play anymore tball this season anyway... HA! Too funny (that part. not the little girl broken wrist part.)

  2. I miss you and I love you too! It was awesome to see you again. I'm so excited about the upcoming visit.



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