I enjoy yogurt, but ONLY Yoplait. Do not ask me why. I cannot explain. I have a deep rooted passion for Yoplait. I get so excited wehn I have a coupon for Yoplait! I grew up eating Yoplait, but it was not the only brand my parents purchased. Somehow, along the way, I selected Yoplait as the only edible yogurt. (This becomes problematic when recipes call for plain yogurt...but that is another issue all together.)

This morning, I had a headache. I was running late. I grabbed my yogurt for breakfast to go. The last one in the fridge. For the next hour, until I had time to eat, I dreamed of the berry flavor about to hit my lips. I have time! I go to the fridge at work, peel back the foil lid and see...


Lime Green! Who on earth buys lime green yogurt? (Mark.) Key Lime Pie Yogurt to be specific. At this point I was so hungry I sucked down the LIME GREEN yogurt out of desperation. It was not good. My beautiful breakfast was ruined. Ruined by my husband's LIME GREEN yogurt.

Saving grace: Mark and I have been laughing about it all day. He is jealous because he loves his LIME GREEN Key Lime Pie (yuck) flavored yogurt and I ate it first!

Do you have any opinions or passions about yogurt?


  1. Key Lime Pie yogurt is so good!! Jeff and I think it's the best - we're with Mark!

  2. This is so funny because I only like Yoplait yogurt too! At my regular grocery store they carry all the "normal" flavors, strawberry, peach, vanilla, etc. But at the grocery store that I never visit because everything else there is terrible and it is a dirty store they have the most amazing yummy flavors like passion fruit and guava. I have been tempted a few times to go there just for the yogurt. I agree with you on the lime green--yuck.

    It was so nice to meet you on Saturday! That was the first time someone has met me through my blog before meeting in person. It was kind of cool to meet a "fan". ;)



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