Gardening: Country vs. City

Have I told you about my garden? Last year we planted the most unbelievable garden ever. I am trying to find a picture to show you.

Last year, we lived in the country. There are many days that I miss the counrty. I miss sitting on the back porch and reading in the quiet evenings, hearing only the sounds of nature (and Muddy's barking). I miss seeing space. Most of all, Mark and I agree, we miss YARD WORK! Yes, we said it, we miss yard work. This has gone to such an extreeme that Mark has signed up for volunteer lawn mowing at his parent's church!

No, don't get me wrong, we like the city. In fact, we have even started another garden this year. Mark's brother came into the city for the day and helped us get it started Take a look at what we have so far:

Yeah, that I what we thought too, it just doesn't cut it. So in response, we will be traveling to the Eastern Shore to plant a garden at Mark's parents house...and traveling to Boston to plant a garden in the same spot as last year. Hopefully after three tries, we will feel satisfied!

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