Memorial Day Weekend

On Friday we booked it out of work and made it over the Bay Bridge in record time, even with beach traffic and rush hour. We could not be more pleased to arrive while the sun was still high in the sky. We had a perfect, relaxing evening on the Shore. It was great to spend time in the warm sun and have a leisurely dinner with Mark's family.

Sleep never felt so good. The breeze, the silence of night, and the early morning bird chirps were all welcomed signs of an escape from the city. If nothing else, the desire for peacefull sleep will move us to the Eastern Shore someday (and trust me, there are plenty of other reasons pulling on us).

Saturday quickly became a work day. We got the oil changed, found out we need new brakes, Mark got a VERY short new haircut much to his dismay, and we quickly filled a backet with groceries in preparation for Sunday's BBQ at the Simplers. And this was all before breakfast! Back at the house we ate and moved to the boat. Oh the long neglected boat. It was in need of new lines and a good scrub. Mark and Ben spent hours working on it. The afternoon was filled with watching excellent lacrosse and the evening ended with a heated game of homerun derby. Ben and I beat Mark and Jim, and we will be certain to never let those trash-talking, no-hitting, butter fingered opponents let it down! Though I am certain revenge will come soon.

We spent the remainder of the evening watching the sun set. Here are some shots:

Sunday morning we attending church at Safe Harbor and then drove up to Millington to join the gang for a BBQ and wiffle ball. It was a wonderful afternoon full of excitement, Fallon is pregnant! good food, great friends, and once again, relaxation.

Monday morning capped the long weekend with a trip down the Wye on the sail boat. The wind was perfect and we cruised. Sailing is a great deal of work, but always worth it. Every muscle in my body aches after a good sail, and yet I cannot imagine a better way to spend time.

Theme of the weekend: Relaxing! It was perfect!

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