Without DazBog, I would have never survived! DazBog was this great coffee joint right in our hotel, and I visited frequently. It is incredible how early morning meetings, a CFO business conference, and time change can increase your need for coffee exponentially.

In spite of my mass coffee consumption, Denver was awesome. I cannot wait to go back with Mark. As you can imagine, my visit to a new city was punctuated by food. We ate out every night P.F. Changs, Trail Dust, Rock Bottom Brewery, and more.

The first highlight of the trip was my adventure to “LoDo,” Lower Downtown Denver with Kristy. On a spur of the moment decision, we hopped on the light rail determined to get pictures of mountains and see as much of Denver as we could. For this, my feet paid the price. However, we certainly were able to take lots of pictures, add to my pint glass collection, and even shop a bit. This city by storm tour of Denver left me wanting to see more. Have I said that I can’t wait to go back with Mark?

Here are some of the pictures I was able to get:

The next night I got to see BEKAH! Bekah and her roommate Ashley drove an incredible distance in rush hour just to see me. I was so thankful. It was a perfect evening of chatter. We went out to dinner and went shopping. Simple tasks so we could focus our attention on catching up. Ah…life is good. It was so great to have the opportunity to see Bekah. She is such a wonderful girl. We were even able to have a phone call with Amanda, pretending we were back at the mansion, lazily drifting in the heated pool as the days passed by. To the right is a photo of Me, Bekah, Ashley, and my co-worker Kristy back at the hotel.
So that basically sums up Denver. Go. I recommend it. (especially if you get to see Bekah!)

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  1. You have to post your Denver pictures.
    I want to see all the pictures of the mountains!

    I mean, after all, you forced me all over Denver just to get a couple pictures of some mountains in the background : )



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