Baby Noah is on the way!

Mark and I visited Faith and Kyle at their new house, played with the dogs, and felt Noah kick. Noah is bound to be an excellent soccer player with the combined Videon/Dague gene pool. I still cannot believe that Faith is due in just two weeks!!

It was wonderful to have the primary purpose of our trip to PA be to visit with Faith and Kyle. Over the past few years our visits with them have always been short and rushed over holiday weekends or squeezed in between visits with family. Now that we live closer we can more easily make the trek, and dedicate time just for them. We had so much fun enjoying the beautiful weather on their back deck and catching up. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Here is Kyle and Filly. They are about the same size!

Filly and Frankie, playing nice.

Family Photo: Mark, Me, Noah, Faith, Kyle, and even Filly snuck into the shot! I cannot believe how beautiful Faith looks. In this picture she is due in 3 weeks! Now we are counting the days until baby Noah arrives!
Faith and Kyle infront of their new house!

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