Gettysburg, PA

I had the “privilege” of driving to Gettysburg for work yesterday. In spite of the horrendous weather forecast, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures, the event was still on and my co-worker Janet and I needed to make the trek. The weather set us behind in our start but Janet being the great person she is made us coffee for the road and we headed up 270. The windshield time granted us ample opportunity to catch up with one another and share our recent stories. Even with all that chatter, and the nasty road conditions, we actually made it to our location ahead of schedule. Out of coffee and needing more, we headed into the town center in search. Gettysburg is like a wheel with four main spokes. After our fourth attempt we thought all hope of coffee was lost and then we spotted it: The Ragged Edge Coffee House. And it had an OPEN sign. We were thrilled; we would get our warm boost of caffeine to carry us through the morning. The coffee and cakes were great and the day which followed turned out to be quite a success. So here is to Ragged Edge Coffee! Thank you for being open early on a wet winter day.

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