Hudson Eighteen Months

Hudson, this past month you have been talking and climbing and climbing and talking. You have done a million things, but these two activities are highest on your list. You have scaled just about every conceivable surface in our home, including the wall AC unit to get up to and stand on our window ledge. You have jumped off the kitchen table and not learned your lesson. You fall off the back of the couch regularly. You keep me constantly on guard and break all the rules.

You eat crayons.
You chew on your bed rail, still!
You refuse sleep, adamantly pointing out of the bedroom the second we walk anywhere near it.
You scream and persevere in the fight against sleep.
If you get the slightest impression I might be cooking, you dump your plate basket and grab one to furiously bang on the counter until I feed you.
When I turn my back, you start the dishwasher, turn off the AC unit, or stash the TV remote in a super secret hiding place.
This morning you sent your first email, fortunately just to dad.
If there are buttons, you will find them and push them.

You have also been talking quite a bit more, but not necessarily more words. You say: HOT, hhhhhhot (with a raspy/throaty emphasis on the H), Up, and Hi, hi, hi (that one rarely comes alone).

Thankfully you now sign "more" and "all done" when it is appropriate. For a few weeks, our communication was touch and go, but we have developed a nice rhythm with hopes of your vocabulary growing. Behr thinks you say even more words that your Dad and I simply don't hear or can't seem to translate into common english.

You have also resumed snuggling. When I pick you up, you either touch my face with your hands or rest your head on my shoulder. Thank you for reminded me that I am in fact your momma and you do still need me. Your independent streak often leaves me doubting.

Incase you or anyone else is wondering, Hudson, you are the primary reason for my blog being neglected. Reread this post if you have any outstanding questions.

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