September Goals

We were able to savor August. It was a jam packed month, but we spent time well. My goals for the month were focused around wanting to celebrate each day:
  • Re-start my morning workout/prayer time - success!
  • Limit of 3 to-do list items before we head out for the day's adventure, so we don't get stuck inside working - mostly success!
  • Easy dinners, mostly from our farm share - hooray!
  • No TV on the weekends, for us or the kids - maybe we need to change this one up a bit...

I am not naturally a lover of fresh starts. Sitting with a friend last night she rattled off all the different points of the year you can turn into a new beginning. Me? I am constantly holding onto the season that is slipping away.

But I do love routine. And with children I find our routines need to change frequently, so I guess for that I am grateful for September.

Here are the goals that I am hoping to cling to as this new season of Behr in school three mornings a week starts out.
  • Spend my time while Behr is at school at the house & pick my activities wisely -- prepping for dinner, interns, blogging, but spend it wisely taking care of things that need most of my attention. Hudson is at an age where he mostly plays happily beside me. Behr however wants to dive in and help or talk. I want to be smart about the tasks I accomplish while he is at school (aka me writing this post now, even thought it is later than I wanted) so that when he is home, I can be more engaged with him. Running errands is easier with one kid, but errands allow me to still engage with Behr. Computer time, not so much. Let's see how it goes. I hope Hudson cooperates with this plan. 

  • Continue my early morning routine -- I have been successfully waking up first, reading my bible, sometimes doing yoga, and showering before the boys wake. This is assisted by planning breakfast, packing lunches & laying out clothes the night before. I am a happier mom when I get these extra minutes to wake up and be energized before the whirlwind begins.

  • Family reading or exercise time -- come three o'clock in the afternoon, Hudson is usually fighting a nap and Behr could use some time to reboot. My tendency is to cram to-do list items in at this hour. Instead if we head to the park or pick up some books, I think we will all be better served. It is simply a matter of changing my mentality at this time of day. Any tips on how this works for you and your family?

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