A New Bio

Every year our family photos are taken at the beach by the incredibly talented Pam & Jensen Bell.

It seems our bios change as life evolves. One would think it would be the same, but then we move, have more kids, start drinking coffee, quit drinking coffee, consider starting on coffee again (its been that sort of year...). As relationships ripen, knowledge grows, and interests change, so naturally do our biographies. But what about those autobiographies we read? What would their lives look like at snapshot intervals? Mild mannered, extremely spirited, a quiet listener, can over the course of a lifetime someone hold all of these traits, given different stages and circumstances?

This is the thought process over the summer as I have slowly worked on a new bio. I am not sure I can ever call it finished, but for now lets just say published, it seems both permanent while being not yet final, there are always revised editions, no?

My imperfect bio:

I'm Shannon, married to best friend Mark. Together we are navigating the crazy world of parenting two boys. We call ourselves accidental urbanites, never having imagined we would be raising our family in the heart of a city. Our sons, Behr and Hudson love to be loud and on the go, just like most of Washington, DC. They fit right in. 

I have a list of ever evolving passions, most recently creating a healthier home, eating local, reducing the use of chemicals, and fostering positive conversations. I aim to wake up first, do some yoga and read my bible. This is a goal, not yet a committed practice. This past year I quit coffee, started and ebook (coming soon!), learned to bake and began painting again. I never quite know how to foster my creative outlets, but I love to help others foster theirs.

This little blog began after a big move away from friends and family.  It started as a place to journal, keep up to date with friends afar, and store my inspirations (before pinterest!).  Today, this blog is all that and more, becoming an incredible community of friends across the world. I blog about the bits of life that inspire me and I hope inspire you as well.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll say hello and stay a while!

Also, I really hope to get a chance to chat with those of you who are going to The Influence Conference. I am very excited to hear Ellen speak and wouldn't ever consider leaving the house without multiple pens in various colors. I process by writing things down. At the moment, these are my favorite.

If you are going to Influence this year, will you link up with us?

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  1. Love those pens too :) I'll be at the conference!

  2. I remember when you guys used to take me to church in college. You were always ferociously writing notes in your journal from the sermon. I'm glad to hear that some things are still the same.


  3. Those pictures are just Beautiful!!! LOVE every single one of them!

  4. I just love your writing! You're so absolutely right, our bios are ever changing as we grow and change. Looking forward to meeting you at the conference!



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