Amelia Island 2014 + The Jacksonville Zoo

Back at the end of July we took our final beach vacation of the summer. I always have a hard time letting vacations come to a close. Change is not always something I accept well, but when I really am enjoying myself it gets even harder. Do you feel that way about the end of a beach trip or family adventure or summer?

Here I am dragging things out longer than they need to be. But this summer, vacation was sweet. Amidst yet another vacation with sick kids, we still made rich memories. Behr's first kite flying experience, finding seashells, feeding giraffes at the Jacksonville Zoo, one on one time with Hudson learning all about waves, frisbee on the beach, mini golf, catching fish in a net, and eating lots of bananas! We may have set a record for that last one. For the first time in four years, we were able to head down to the beach in the morning and last through the day. Lunch on the beach is one of my favorite memories of my own childhood summers. And we were able to bring that memory to our own kids this year. Rich and sweet.

Moments after the giraffe licked Behr's finger, a highlight of the trip to the zoo for sure. He talked about wanting to feed the giraffes for well over a year, we can only imagine how long he will be talking about the giraffe that licked him! We love how the Jacksonville Zoo lets you get incredibly close to the animals. The new tiger exhibit is incredible and even a bit intimidating. You get so close!

Slashing and kicking around on the beach, building "castles" or mounds to stomp on, frisbee at the edge of the water. I love the wide open space of these Florida beaches and that my boys can roam and explore, something they don't get enough of in the city. 

We also love downtown Fernandina. Behr's favorite is the train tracks and I love the historic charm of this post office building, along with countless restaurants and shops to visit. I hope to share more about Fernandina with you soon. 

The first kite flying experience was incredible. Mark and I have wanted to get Behr a kite for a few months, but we wanted to make an experience of it, not simply order online. Behr and Grandpop were able to pick one out in a gift shop downtown, Behr helped assemble it on the beach with Dad and the wind was perfect. He would have stood their flying the kite all day.

Mark also snuck in some boogie boarding while the boys both blessed us with afternoon naps one day.

Mark and Hudson are developing such a special bond. Hudson follows Behr's cues in his relationship with Mark, but when Behr isn't around, Hudson is able to get all the attention and he soaks it up. I couldn't help but capture all of Hudson's sweet little interactions with Mark this one afternoon on the beach.

And a tradition, family dinner at Brett's Waterway Cafe. A walk downtown always follows.

Our last day on the beach was full. We lingered and soaked up the sun. Take me back. 

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  1. We love Amelia Island, and vacation there every year! So many good places to eat, and no crowded beaches! We visited the zoo for the first time last year with our then 16 month old son. Looking forward to our vacation this October. We'll have to try a kite this year. Glad your family had a good trip!



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