July in Washington DC + Books

This summer is moving slowly and speeding by all at the same time. Some days we settle into a rhythm and soak up the loveliness of this city. Our photos are far more memory worth than magazine worthy. And our family is better for it, the memory making.

July, dare I say it, has been gorgeous. No sweltering heat or humidity hovering around 100%. Instead cool breezes are calling us outside day after day. Yes, this month has been equal parts fast and slow. The speeding by whirlwind part of our month began with 4th of July celebrations and departing in the night for our first of two family beach vacations! (We head for our next one on Saturday).

July gets me feeling equal parts nostalgic and patriotic. I intended for this summer to be sharing more of my favorites of DC with you all. It is coming, slower than I had hoped, but it is coming. But one of my recent reader(s) requests has been our favorite books about DC for little kids. These are a few of our most loved on DC books. Smithsonian museum gift shops have shelves upon shelves to explore as well. Whenever we visit I try to read a few to see if they will make the cut. So far, these are the best. But this list is bound to grow along with my kids.

Madeline at the White House - we read this book so often, I think I am going to need a few more Madeline books. But our favorite part is that it mentions a few of the sites/activities in DC not mentioned in other books such as the Easter Egg Roll and the Cherry Blossoms.

This is Washington, DC - by far the best book to learn more about DC, and the story behind what you probably already know. Geared for slightly older kids, ages 4-8.

I Pledge Allegiance - by the authors of childhood favorites Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, this book is not really about DC. However, it shares the rich story of the pledge that we so often recite. I received this as a gift for political appointees when I worked for the White House, which makes it extra special to me.

Good Night Washington, DC - our first DC book and likely what helped Behr first recognize the monuments by name. Whenever we read this book, the other DC books tend to come out so we can compare all of the DC scenery.

What has your July been like? 

And have you ever been to DC (come on, was it a class trip!?) 

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