The Maze Park in Pennsylvania

A wooden masterpiece of turns and tunnels, steps and secret hiding spots. Full of ginormous tire obstacles and swings, wobbly balance beams, and more slides than you could ever count.  It was a childhood dream, our favorite park, inflated to epic magnitude. Could it possibly be as we had imagined?

Driving to The Maze Park, I lowered my expectations. Surly it would not be as grand as my memory told me it once was. Perhaps over the years, abuse and decay would have taken its toll. And yet, my parents seemed just as excited as ever, so maybe, just maybe. I held out hope.

We rounded the corner to enter, tall wooden peaks and spires jutting out from the trees. Behr, knees pulled up to his chest in his car seat, let a long soft, "whoa."

It lived up to all of my memories and more. I ran like a kid again. Behr didn't stop moving for a second, roaring around turns with excitement. Hudson was slap happy, banging his hands on every surface he could find out of sheer glee. My dad and Mark alternated between sitting back and taking it all in, and chasing the boys through the maze.

Behr could not get over the huge tires. He also was mostly a blur among the pictures since he never stopped moving. Hudson took his first, and second, and third and many more solo ride down the slide. And the day was good.

If you find your self in Southeastern PA, near Terrain, this park is definitely worth the hype. It is located next to Rachel Kohl Community Library with its own parking lot off Smithbridge Road in Glenn Mills, PA.

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  1. Oh my goodness! The smiles make my heart absolutely ache with joy! What a great family memory!!



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