National Symphony Orchestra, For Kids

Between Capitol Hill and the National Zoo, and countless walks around museums and monuments, DC is rich in free entertainment opportunities. However, amidst the available options, there are also incredible opportunities that cost just a little bit more. For Christmas, the boy's grandparents gave them tickets to the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center for earlier this Spring (and yes, I am just now sharing it on the cusp of summer). Not exactly any old show, but the Teddy Bear Concert lead by a married violin-ing duo. Not knowing what to expect, we arrived early.

As we stepped into the main hall, we were met with a cacophony of noise. Members of the orchestra were sitting in rows, holding instruments out at toddler height. Children wandered up to the musicians with hesitant smiles. Chubby hands were taught how to hold and wrap around the neck of a violin, pull a bow across strings and pluck a harp. Across the hall was a table of percussion instruments to pick up, shake, and bang. Excitement spread throughout the room and the show hadn't even begun.

Mark and I were thoroughly entertained. Behr and Hudson were on their best behavior and brimming with glee. They could not get over a violin that sounded like a buzzing bee, a horse, and even a cow. We would highly recommend a Teddy Bear Concert for kids three and up to get the most enjoyment.

What is one of your favorite gifts as a kid?

Or have your own kids received an unconventional gift that you would recommend?

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