Boston Back Bay

Last week, we took a family road trip to Boston. Straight out of the car we hit the ground running. We met one of my oldest dearest friends for an all day jaunt in the Back Bay. First stop lunch at flour, where even Behr and Hudson enjoyed every last crumb then across the street for running around the playground. Traveling and days out in the city have a new look with kids in tow. I can tell you the best parks and play grounds in every city since Behr was born. Letting the boys play is the best way to squeeze in some additional activities. After the park we strolled to the Boston Public Library. Similar to our walks in DC, we found every "balance beam" along the way. Behr and I toured the library solo and we could have spent the entire day there. I've got a budding reader on my hands, and libraries are high on his list of places to see. The highlight of the library for Behr was the reading room, while I was taken aback by the incredible Marathon exhibit. We rounded out the day with cupcakes of course.
Boston Public Library
Georgetown Cupcake
If you get a day in Boston, what would you put on your must-see list?

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  1. So perfect! I love having Georgetown Cupcakes here now! It makes me feel closer to DC :) And the Public Gardens is definitely on my must-see list for Boston!

    1. As soon as I posted this, I thought...hmmm. I should have started our day in our imagination with breakfast on charles street, a walk through public gardens and then onto flour for lunch.



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