I've Been Baking

While I wasn't blogging (or shopping) in January, I've been baking. I have received questions on instagram about the recipes to some of the baked goods I posted and also enjoy documenting the process for myself for later reference. Don't you hate when you find a good recipe, modify it to suit your tastes just right and then totally forget what it was? (Pumpkin cookies from 2012 I am talking about you).

Here are some of the recipes and modifications I have been turning to this cold long winter season:

  1. Christmas Morning we enjoyed Cranberry Breakfast Cake. If you enjoyed my Blueberry Cake from a few years ago, this is very similar but without crisco! When I found this recipe on Alexandra Cook, I was smitten. Rarely do I find a recipe that doesn't need changing, but I decided to cook this one straight with only two minor exceptions: I used lemon zest and I make a buttermilk substitute because I never have it on hand. Follow this recipe straight, it is perfection. Plus, everything can be done the night before.
  2. Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins are a big hit in our house because we buy raspberries in bulk at costco. On the rare occasion that we have leftovers or some that are about to go bad, they quickly become muffins. These were a special snow day (plus hot chocolate) treat. I have made these a few different ways, but on days when my brain isn't quite processing, I rely on someone else to tell me the measuremetns. Allison's recipe is a keeper.
  3. I have tried and failed to make scones several times. I am not quite cut out to be a baker. If it is simple and the measurements don't have to be exact, then its my kind of recipe. But I saw these Pomegranate Scones and couldn't resist. Folks, they are game changers. Go make them this weekend. I promise you won't be disappointed. This recipe, and the encouragement of my friend Kandyce has even gotten me started on making my own scone recipes. More to come on that front. Stay Tuned!
  4. Baked Oatmeal has been popping up in my instagram feed so I decided to give it a whirl. The first recipe I tried came from The Nourishing Gourmet and I am hooked. I skipped the apples and the pumpkin seeds, and reduce the maple syrup, but baked oatmeal has become a great weekend activity that leads to easy mid-week left overs. Both Behr and Hudson gobble it up and it makes little mess. Even if this wasn't so delicious, I am sure we would keep making it again and again!

Maybe you are snowed in and looking to do some baking this long weekend. Or maybe you haven't quite gotten your act together for Valentine's day. Whatever the reason, I hope this round up of recipes make your weekend extra special. None of these recipes are my own, but in the spirit of today, this post is about sharing the love. Go visit these fab blogs and enjoy their delicious treats.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Speaking of...what are your traditions? 
I would love to know how to celebrate (or boycott) Valentine's day.


  1. from this day forward, i will never believe your "i'm not cut out to be a domestic goddess" comment ever again. (not that i really believed you to begin with, you crafty woman you!)

    (crafty as in, making crafts and calligraphy and those sorts, not crafty as in conniving!)

  2. (not that it was even necessary to clarify that... anyway, please carry on.)



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