Thankful for the good and the crazy.

This has not been the year of fancy dinners, dates, or dressing. It wasn't the year of new projects or creative outlets. Nor has this been a year of rest. Cumulatively, I doubt we've neared the recommended hours of sleep for one person, let alone two. We have not had a year of routine, but instead its been a year of learning to adjust. It has not been the year of successful family photos, with four perfect smiles. Its the year we ordered our Christmas cards without a family picture because our photos from vacation were cranky and windy. But a friend offered to take these pictures of my family on a whim. Having known us for years, she managed to make us laugh and capture our personalities shining through. I love them, even if they won't be on our Christmas cards. This year we have had bountiful blessings. We have had our share of long hard days followed by easy dinners and tears. Lots of tears. It has been hard, but good. Most of all it has been crazy.

2013 has been a lesson on patience and grace,
and well, basically every fruit of the spirit
We have spent the better part of this year in learning mode. 
All four of us are learning, and we wouldn't change a thing. 
(except maybe a few extra hours of sleep here or there...)


  1. these are PERFECT family photos :).

  2. These photos are so cute! You all look great, and Hudson's little shoes are just the CUTEST.



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