Roosevelt Island on Veteran's Day

Three day weekends are my favorite to stay home. Forget battling everyone else who is trying to drive to and from somewhere. I want to stay home, follow our normal weekend routine and use the time gained from an extra day to go on an adventure. Are you with me?

This year for Veteran's Day, I really wanted to go to Arlington National Cemetery, but we also realized we couldn't remember the last time we had been to Roosevelt Island, one of DC's greatest treasures. We hunted for rocks, kept our eye out for planes overhead, found a good walking stick, spied a family of ducks, and enjoyed the fall colors, slowly changing here in DC.

We wore these boys out, so we didn't quite make it to Arlington, but the drive past allows me to still see the section nearest to my heart. How do you like to spend your long weekends?

Also, this cheesy instagram pic might be my favorite from our day, 
especially our hats which now have new meanings.

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