Vacationing Slow / The Beach, Part 3

Vacationing Slow

Just us.

No one else to talk to. No one else to entertain. No distractions.

One of the most unexpected surprises what the amount of time to observe my little family, my boys. We don't pack light when we go to the beach. In fact, we brought a full wagon of gear each day. But this allowed us to camp out from about 10 in the morning to nearly dinner time. All three boys successfully napped on the beach. It was heaven. I was most thankful that life's distractions were largely removed and I could sit back and watch.

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  1. These pics are just adorable!
    I linked up the most recent Ms. Ava post I have. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You're little family just makes my heart swoon!

    1. Wrong your crap that makes me want to punch myself.



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