Last Week

All of last week, I was preoccupied with thoughts of Boston. Much like the rest of us, we know people who live there, friends running the marathon, and spectators that were certainly nearby. Mark and I still think of Boston as "home." We call lots of places home, places that have a piece of our heart.

We met in Boston.

We dated in Boston.

Mark proposed in Boston.

We have traveled back to Boston for birthdays and vacations.

Sunday night, before the marathon, we even mapped out our next trip to Boston over the summer.

We feel so tied to Boston, we often wonder if we are being called back to Massachusetts.

In fact, Behr has been to Boston so many times, he probably thinks we live there too!

On our most recent family trip, we spent time, in the rain, at the Esplanade Playspace along the Charles River. (If you are going to the city with kids, this park is a must do!) As I poured over my pictures from years spent in Boston, this visit stuck out to me. I can practically hear Behr laughing. And that is how I want to think of Boston - a place full of joy and laughter.

And a HUGE thanks to all of my Boston friends {here, here, here, and here} who spent the weekend "instagraming" their beautiful weekend in the city we all love so dearly. Wish I was celebrating with you. 

Until my next visit north...


  1. i have yet to take parker on that spinny thing. ON IT. also, is that some random man pushing you and behr??

  2. Please don't move to Boston! I selfishly want you in DC! Let's have lunch soon . . .

  3. Please don't move to Boston! I selfishly want you here, in DC! Let's do lunch soon. I miss you!



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