A Boy Mom with Sarah Tucker

Being super honest today.
When I found out I was having a boy, I was all ... no, let's check again, mr. ultra sound tech.
But he was a boy!  There was no denying it.

I never thought I'd make a good boy mama.  I just thought I'd have girls.

Realistically I knew there was a pretty darn good chance my little bub was going to be a boy.
BUT as a pregnant woman I wasn't quite in reality.  I definitely dipped my toes into some kind of crazy hormone induced bod for a while there.

And then a few other people confided in me that they felt the same way.  Maybe I wasn't crazy, or I just found a sub-group that's just as crazy as I am.

But he's here.  And it's true, whatever you have, it is the BEST.  Baby boys are now the worlds greatest thing on earth.  There is nothing better.  I could care less about bows and smocked dresses.  And I'm a girl who is every inch a girl.  I can even foresee the future of WANTING to attend baseball games, and being actually INTO them.  If he's involved, whatever it is, it might just turn into my new favorite sport/thing/whatever it is.

Find Sarah (and sweet baby boy Tuck) on:


  1. thanks for having me shannon! enjoy your sweet new arrival. i'm melting over here.

  2. i was the same way, until i saw my husband's face when we found out we were having a boy. that SEALED the deal for me. he just was over the moon to be having a mini-him. i couldn't see having it any other way from that point on!

  3. I love that first picture. The newborn stage is so precious! My girl is 2 and my boy is 2 months, and I'm realizing the things that make them most fun isn't about their gender, its seeing them learn and grow and understand their world. You're right Sarah, whatever you have will be the BEST.

  4. this makes me so excited to be a boy mom! sarah and tuck are just precious.

  5. Now that I'm pregnant, it's really hard as a girly-girl not to want a baby girl, but I think that my husband would be over the moon to have a boy so that makes me want a boy. Also, seeing Sarah and cute sweet little Tuck makes me want a boy myself! 6 more weeks until I find out for sure!

  6. One of my closest friends kept saying she really wanted a girl and then when her baby boy was born everything changed. She says she couldn't imagine being the mom of a girl now (though she's sure she'd adjust, haha). I just found out I'm having a girl & while I'm thrilled I also know that she'll he a total daddy's girl :)

    Either way, I think you adjust because the baby is yours & you learn as you go. Though shopping for boy toys for nephews confuses me, haha.



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