Week 41 is better than week 40.

Perhaps because the end is somehow now more attainable? At 40 weeks I was frustrated, discouraged with no signs of labor, and feeling exhausted. Once the due date came and went, it allowed me to enter into a mode of acceptance. This is not in my control.

Why is it always so difficult to relinquish control? A control we never even had to begin with.

As I entered 41 weeks on Monday, I was able to cherish my last days of pregnancy a little bit longer. I spent more time snuggling with and reading with Behr. We took advantage of take out more frequently.  I focused on things specifically for baby, like stuffing diapers and organizing sleepers. I praised God for a few sunny days to get out and walk when just last week I was bitter and angry and only wanted to sleep.

41 weeks rejuvenated me.

So here we are, c-section day with all hopes of a v-bac long gone. We feel peace and abundant gratitude. Today we get to introduce Behr to his baby brother. Today we get to hold our son. Today we get to announce him to the world. I could not be more excited. We could not be more blessed.

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  1. You have such a beautiful attitude!! Good for you... excited to see pictures!

  2. SO EXCITED, SHANNON!!!!! The c-section isn't bad, really! Think about it this way... you have no tearing, less bleeding and you are small which means your recovery will be easier than a heavier person. Sooo excited to see the little one!

  3. I can't wait!!! Praying all day. Also, love these pics. :)

  4. bless you dear girl. . . praying all goes smoothly.


  5. you look glorious in your 41 weeks! how exciting today is the day. will look you up on instagram!

  6. Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!



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