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My thoughts are all a jumble recently. I have been reflective on family, values, and memories these past few days and then suddenly jolted into reality with a fall down a flight of stairs that landed me in Labor and Delivery (see here and here). So now my brain is foggy and looks something like this:

baby is coming next month
long check list...can I assign it all to Mark?
almost my birthday
what about Behr, does he feel neglected?
I want comfort food
I don't want to cook
baby is coming next month
doesn't baby deserve new things? not just hand me downs?
my birthday is next month
I wonder what I want for my birthday
I really like gifts
birthday gifts?
two babies, two and under
can't wait for summer
did you know that gifts are my love language? snail mail is a close second.

So clearly, there isn't a whole lot of solid though for forming blog posts...thus I am going to simply share the love today.

First, a round up of some of my most favorite things from etsy from shops I have been loving recently. 

top: Little Hip Squeaks // Simply Adoravle // wee Stitchery // bottom: Ross Lab // RLPco // ARMINHO

One of each please. Well, maybe a few extras from each, especially the fab cards from Red Letter Paper Co.

Second, my favorite blogs*, nominated for "The Homies" on Apartment Therapy. Jump on over and vote (you have to sign in, but it's worth it.) *actually these are some of my friends and favorite people who also happen to blog. The pretty much rock all around!

Best Home Design and Inspiration - vote for Migonis Home
Best Home Projects and DIY - vote for Two Twenty One
Best Family & Kids - vote for two blogs: Tales of Me and the Husband and E Tells Tales
Best Healthy Cooking - vote for Peas and Thank You
Best Food Photography - vote for Cookie Monster Cooking

you can find links to all of these blogs in my side bar under "reading" along with a bunch more of my faves >>>

Thanks for taking a few minutes today and sharing the love. 

I would love to help share the love back...tell me your faves!

Are any of your favorite blogs nominated for The Homies? 

How about etsy? What are you loving these days?

I can't wait to hear what you are loving in the comments!


  1. oh no! i so hope that you and the babe are okay. what a scary event! i totally hear you on the jumbled thoughts... my ticket to staying motivated/on track lately has been rewarding myself with a delicious cupcake. trivial, but i highly recommend it - and you deserve it!

  2. I love how you just wrote out all those things tumbling through your head... it reads very much like my mind right now too. I keep going over the "2 kids, 2 and under" bit in these last few days... wow!
    I am so grateful that you and baby are ok after that tumble... have a happy evening!

  3. thanks for the shout out girl! i appreciate it! andddd i'll take one of each of those favorites up there too.

    (ps so glad everything's ok after your fall!!!)

  4. Falling is scary enough without being pregnant . . glad everything turned out fine :)

    And thanks for the etsy ideas, I'm always looking for cute cards!



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