Football Fridays {conference championships}

As the season is winding down, I am gearing up my Super Bowl party prep!

How about you? Will you be hosting a party? Watching the game some where else? If the team(s) your household roots for still in the running?

the game:

NFC Championship Game - Sunday 3:00: San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons - the 49ers are my pick to win this year (don't forget to vote for your pick below). They have the rough and tumble attitude that serves them well in tight situations. The question is, how will they match up against the Falcon's long passing game? Will the passing that made Atlanta the best team in the regular season carry them to the Super Bowl?

AFC Championship Game - Sunday 6:30: New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens - the Ravens had a late season shift with the addition of offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell adapting to the no huddle offensive in which QB Joe Flacco seems to thrive. If he can get his three key receivers on the same page, Baltimore has a chance at winning. New England on the other hand will have the benefit of a home town crowd, but they will have to make up for the loss of their injured tight end Ron Gronkowski. In this game you can expect to see a good deal of pressure on both QBs - blitz, attack, and sack.

the talking point:

The AFC Championship game is a rematch of last year when the Ravens kicker blew the chance to go to overtime. Will they be able to overcome history?

Ravens' QB Joe Flacco claims he is among the "elite" quarterbacks. Will he prove this by making it all the way this year?

Raven's Ray Lewis is retiring. Will his career have a story book ending with another trip to the Super Bowl?

Will home town advantage actually boost New England's chance of winning? Does it ever make a difference in the play offs?

Atlanta was the best team in the regular season. Will they continue their run?

Some reports are calling Atlanta, the "NFL's Team of Destiny," is their underdog status over played?

49ers rookie QB has video-game like moves. Will Colin Kaepernick's "rookie" status finally show through?

The 49ers have perfected the pass rush in their past several games. Will Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons be able to adapt and move the ball quickly?

How many times will the announcers refer to the "replacement refs" that haven't been on the field since September?

the predictions:

Who do you think is going to win Super Bowl XLVII?

Enjoy your weekend and happy football watching!

p.s. next week we will be talking about our Super Bowl menu. If you have a favorite football meal, leave a link in the comments and you might just get included.


1 comment:

  1. The only thing I can contribute is: PATS PATS PATS PATS.

    Clearly, I'm biased. But it's supposed to be bitterly cold here on Sunday, and we all know Tom Brady loves his New England winters :)



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