Gift Guide: Foodies

I would call myself a developing foodie. I am learning how to cook, appreciating local fare, have fully embraces the farm share movement (five years now and still going strong!) but I am out of touch with the restaurant scene and I will never under certain delicacies. Deep in my heart I am still a Philly Cheesesteak girl (with provolone, because I don't believe cheese whiz is authentic).

So here is my gift guide for all the foodies in your life, even the beginner, wanna-be-better-foodie, like me.

Recipe Wall Calendar - watermelon salad, grilled pesto pizza, and chocolate cream cookies, each new month is a culinary delight. The perfect 2013 calendar for the cook in your life.

Honey Hive - who wants to deal with the mess of a honey jar lid? If you are anything like me, it is pure defeat to get to the golden goodness. This Honey Hive would make the world of a difference on my counter top and appetizer tray.

Sea Salt - I found this salt in Napa Valley and have been hooked ever since. Get it. For you and everyone else on your list.

Aprons - What woman can ever have enough aprons? Well, my friend Julie makes the cutest ones in town and they are sturdy. You don'd have to worry about running them with a normal load of laundry, which is a huge plus if you are a rather messy cook. Discount: All One Simple Red Stitch Aprons are now 30% off through 12/13

Downton Abbey Cookbook: Although I have never watched a single episode, I am certain this cook book will be just as authentic and the nationally acclaimed BBC hit series.

Peugeot Peppermill - A long standing wishlist item. This pepper mill is the best of the best. It will be sure to make any chef, man or woman, in your life swoon!

Get It Right Spatulas - Do you have an entire drawer full of sub-par kitchen utensils? Time to buck up and "get it right." These spatulas are both a work of art and a workhorse.

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  1. That calendar is beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  2. you need to watch downton abbey! I think you'd really like it. And it's awesome that they have a cookbook!

  3. i've never seen that calendar before - gorgeous!
    thanks for adding me to your reading list :)

  4. THAT CALENDAR! Oh god I love and need that in my life.

  5. love, love, love all of these! and i am definitely a foodie.



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